Saupin’s School, Sector-70 Mohali came alive with a spectacular show staged by class-IV children. The colourful class show was held to conclude the Environment Week. The Headmistress Mrs Goldie Kapany addressed the audience with a welcome speech. The parent fraternity also graced the occasion.

The programme commenced with a beautiful prayer- Teri hai Zameen – the power of music and the power of this rendition is such that it touches the soul. The next item Mime was a theatrical performance where the actors used facial expressions and gestures to generate feelings and evoke thoughts and images for serious issues of environment and said more than words to emphasize the significance of trees in our life. This mime presented by kids showed the damage caused by pollution. With his action man has created air pollution, noise pollution and spoilt this paradise. This mime also showed the ways to rejuvenation and add new life.

It was followed by a Hindi Play- Earth 1970 vs Earth 2014. The play stressed on multigenerational environmental problems which demand ongoing attention and innovative initiatives. It was a musical treat presented by the children as they sang songs related to” Mother Earth”. An English play was staged on the theme of pollution and it showcased how the world grapples with growing pollution and environmental concerns and it plays a significant role in developmental problems amongst children.

The show came to an end with a beautiful and lively dance performance on the popular track-“ we are in it together forever and ever”. The show aimed at motivating the students to respect their environment and create awareness to save and show respect to the environment.  


Saupin Community Service Organization of Saupin’s School, Mohali visited Old Age Home Sector-15. It  is a multi-residence housing facility intended for senior citizens. Old age homes are meant for senior citizens who are unable to stay with their families or are destitute. The inmates of the Old Age Home were in for a pleasant surprise when children from Saupin’s School, Mohali called on them and the inmates welcomed them with bright smiles.

Children presented few peppy songs and dances for them to break the monotony of their daily dull routine. The inmates also participated enthusiastically in the dances and enjoyed the songs some adding their own. The children carried hampers for all the inmates which contained all the essential like toiletries, biscuits, little containers for them and few other articles of daily use. It was sheer pleasure to see those dull eyes go bright in the presence of children and their laughter.

The place is of course is like a home where the inmates get all the facilities for a routine living, like food, clothing, and shelter.All these necessities are well looked after but, the much-needed love, and care of loved ones is of course sadly missing in their life and this visit was an attempt to evoke empathy in children for the old people and provide some solace to the hearts of old people. The stories of almost all the old people are the same and very dismal. Children were filled with the feeling of compassion, love and care for the elderly people . SCSO Mohali has always advocated social awareness and has endeavoured to inculcate in children sense of compassion, responsibility and the feeling of social connectedness that appears to be waning in our increasingly segmented society. The Headmistress Mrs Goldie Kapany strongly advocates children’s participation in community services as it helps to forge bond with members of the community and a subsequent desire to “ give back” to the communities from which they come.


The pre-primary wing of Saupin’s School, Mohali organized dental check up for the children in the school premises as an effort to instil the importance of oral health. A healthy smile is a bonus at any age. Too often people, neglect the health of their teeth. It is never too late to learn the basics of oral health care. Good dental or oral care is important to maintaining healthy teeth, gums and tongue. Oral problems, including bad breath, dry mouth, canker or cold sores, TMD, tooth decay, or thrush are all treatable with proper diagnosis and care.

Dr. Mandeep paid visit to the school for dental check up and examined all the children of Nursery class for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and other health problems. Mothers were invited for the occasion and told about dental hygiene. She stressed on importance to take care of mouth and teeth starting in childhood otherwise problems with teeth and gums like cavities or even tooth loss are inevitable. Children were taught the right technique of brushing their teeth and advised to brush their teeth daily and limit sugary snacks.

The Headmistress Mrs Goldie Kapany requested parents to take extra care of personal hygiene of their children to reduce the risk of ill health, it will also boost the levels of confidence and self-esteem of their children . Maintaining personal hygiene is necessary for many reasons; personal, social, health, psychological or simply as a way of life.


Saupin’s School Sector-70 Mohali organised a salad-making competition in the school portals on Friday. Salad is an amazing treat to the taste buds and a quick and easy meal that is high in nutrients, but low in calories and fat. A salad is a healthy option for any time of the day and is perfect for summertime meals and cook-outs.

Students of Classes IV and V participated in the activity with lot of enthusiasm and displayed their culinary skill. It was a treat to watch little ones chopping, dicing and easily mixing and matching the fruits and vegetables of their choice, seasoning with some spices and dressings. They were seen adding a variety of ingredients like bell peppers, carrot, cucumbers, pomegranate seeds, mozzarella, cheese, figs, broccoli and apples in their salads. Some of them even added extra proteins with chopped pieces of white meat and tofu. Peanuts, almonds, pistachios added a popping crunch. They were eagerly explaining the ingredients of their salad and its nutritional value too. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi from “Fortis hospital” judged the entries and spoke about the nutritive value of vegetables and fruits in salads. The flower arrangement with these vibrant fresh flowers danced its way into the hearts of the onlookers. The children were judged on their creativity, presentation, innovative quality and taste. The room was filled with a variety of simple, artistic and creative styles of salads packed with freshness and proteins, making mouth water.


It is very important to have a habit of eating salads. Kids must get the habit of eating variety of vibrant salads. The Headmistress Mrs Goldie Kapany encourages such activities as it helps to attract children towards healthy eating habits.


The Pre-Primary wing of Saupin’s School, Mohali visited the State Library in sector-34 on Friday. Libraries are only next in importance to schools, colleges and universities as means of educating the public. A library is a store-house of books of all kinds and on all subjects under the sun.To those who are vociferous book readers, a library is all the more useful.

Going to the school library is their weekly routine but this was an altogether different experience for them to see. They were amazed to see such a vast collection of books. They were told about the importance of books and library. They were told about other libraries present in the city.

In this era of technology and gadgets where every kid is busy with tabs and gizmos, it was an effort to expose Saupin’s kids to the joy of reading. Many predict that the digital age will wipe public bookshelves clean, and permanently end the centuries-old era of libraries. As libraries’ relevance comes into question, it faces an existential crisis at a time when students need them the most. Despite their perceived obsolescence in the digital age, both libraries are irreplaceable. The Headmistress Mrs. Goldie Kapany encourages such endeavours to promote book reading because these Generation-Z kids tend to find all their solutions on Google and are moving away from the concept that books are the best friend.


The pre-primary wing of Saupin’s School, Mohali organized a car wash activity for the kids in the school premises as a part of the self help skills they learn. . It provided an opportunity to engage the curious and creative minds in spontaneous and meaningful activity and to build up their gross motor skills , coordination of eye-hand movements and vocabulary building. Having a look at the interiors, the tiny tots developed their linguistic and mathematical skills as they learnt new vocabulary like steering wheel, dashboard etc and the concept of numbers while performing the activity . Most of them came equipped with gloves to protect their hands as they dusted, cleaned and washed the car with car wash and sponges. They used buckets instead of hose pipes to conserve water. Later they waxed the car to make it shine. The kids exchanged their knowledge about different makes of the cars and the parts of a car/van. They sang the theme oriented poems to make the activity more interesting. It was fun to watch the little ones wiggle and crawl to give their best. After this activity they are all set to assist their parents at home. It was indeed an educative and fun filled activity.


Saupin’s School,Sector-70 Mohali came alive with a spectacular performance staged by the class-VII children . The fun filled class show was held to conclude the “Telecommunication Week” with great zest and enthusiasm. The Headmistress ,Mrs Goldie Kapany addressed the audience with a welcome speech and shared her vision of promoting a culture of information and new skills. Information and communication technologies ,and particularly the internet, are transforming all human activities dependent on information.     The role of communication in our everyday life was effectively showcased by the students of class VII. The show started with a beautiful parody—depicting the old ways of telecommunication which included pigeons to the present day scenario—emails. This was followed by a poem on Facebook—a site which is not only common but also very popular today, almost everyone has a profile. A dance on technology was performed by the girls and two songs were sung by the school choir on the topic—Technology.

The programme was wrapped up by a foot-tapping, captivating Alphabet rap by the children.


The Pre-Primary wing of Saupin’s School, Mohali celebrated birthday of their Doll Tina with lot of pomp and show. Children of Play Group and Nursery classes dazzled in beautiful ,colourful attires and birthday caps.

Birthday cake and muffins were baked in School for the birthday party. Room was decorated with balloons and streamers all around and a table at the centre with a fresh baked cake and muffins along with birthday gifts and doll friends of Tina adorned the place. Soft music gave an extra flavour to the occasion.

Mothers were also invited for Tina’s birthday party. It was a day filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer. Children sang birthday songs and danced on various numbers. Mothers also supported and encouraged children to be part of this fun filled activity. It was a wonderful day full of joy and laughter for the young ones. The combination of melody and lyrics in “Happy Birthday to You” filled the room as little ones sang enthusiastically. They enjoyed muffins and cakes.

Learning, growing, loving, exploring and celebrating are all the things that each person should take time for. Celebration adds an excitement and a lot of fun in life. Celebrations allow us to relax and unwind in the midst of busy and crazy lives. We use celebrations as an excuse to gather with the friends and family that means most to us .Perhaps the best thing about celebration of any kind is that it makes our lives richer and more full.